Ponytail Brows are TOTALLY A Thing Now!

14 October 2017, 11:58

The ponytail eyebrow

When will the brow experimenting end?

Move over squiggly brows, there's a new style in town.

Introducing the PONYTAIL brow!


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The eyebrow-raising new trend first came to light when 

beauty blogger @glamgk shared the look to her 19,000 followers back in September.

The brows do exactly what they say on the make-up tin, showing off a normal structured brow to start with followed by a small drawn-on hair scrunchie at the arch of the brow.

The original post received over 1,200 likes, but not everyone was pleased with the new trend.

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One user said "Kill this trend my God" while another remarked, "This legit makes me ant to delete IG"

Has the brow creativity gone too far?

Other users have been a lot more complimentary of the new brow style with another user saying "This is so satisfying to look at tbh"

Other brow lovers have been recreating the look, adding their own spin on the new ponytail brow.

Take a look.


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Will normal eyebrows ever make a comeback?!