Poundland Just Trumped Zoella's Advent Calendar With This Cheeky Dig!

16 November 2017, 12:12 | Updated: 16 November 2017, 12:27

Poundland Zoella

The budget chain chimed in after fans were outraged by the price of the YouTube star's calendar!

The controversy around Zoella's outrageously priced advent calendar has been the talk of parents across the nation this week.

Disgruntled mums and dad's took to the internet to express their disappointment for the 'rip off' festive calendar with a £50 price tag and only 12 doors!

Since the start of the week Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, has addressed the issue in a video and apologised to fans letting them know the cost of the item wasn't up to her and retailer Boots have also slashed the price in half from today.

Zoella Advent Calendar

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When many speculated how much the contents of the calendar would actually cost should you put it together yourself many commented that you could get half of it from Poundland for next to nothing.

And Poundland haven't missed a trick and tweeted this cheeky dig at the calendar...

The tweet shows Zoella's calendar and all of its products laid out in plain sight with the £50 price tag underneath. 

The image next to it shows a range of similar items you can buy in Poundland stores for £13 which they have hilariously named 'The Advent Of Amazing Value'.

Poundland are certainly stirring the pot here but we couldn't help but crack a smile!