Poundland slammed as 'reckless' for selling Ouija boards for Halloween

30 September 2020, 10:17 | Updated: 26 October 2020, 11:23

Poundland has been criticised for selling a spirit board
Poundland has been criticised for selling a spirit board. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images/Poundland

Parents have branded Poundland 'irresponsible' for selling spirit boards across the UK.

Halloween is set to look a little different this year, with events across the country cancelled due to the pandemic.

But it looks like Poundland is keeping the spooky spirit alive by selling a Ouija board across stores in the UK.

The infamous game features letters, numbers, and other signs around its edge and invites players to ask questions to the dead.

While many consider the board a harmless trick, others think of them as terrifying, dangerous and triggers of psychological harm.

Poundland's spirit board is being sold across the UK
Poundland's spirit board is being sold across the UK. Picture: Poundland

After spotting the game in store, one person tweeted: "The last thing we needed in 2020 was poundland to start selling Ouija boards."

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“Poundland selling Ouija boards for children... this should end 2020 nicely,” said another, while a third even blasted Poundland as ‘stupid and reckless’.

A fourth added: "Someone should go in and buy the lot then bin them all save them getting near any kids."

Poundland has since defended its decision to sell a Spirit Board for £1, insisting that it is part of their 'Creepy Town' Halloween displays and only available for over 18s.

The item appeared to have been removed from the site's website, but a spokesperson said: “Poundland is the home for Halloween and the Spirit Board is part of this year's extensive Halloween Decoration range.

“We understand the spirits shook in disbelief when they were told it was only £1. Just wait until people see the Voodoo dolls.’

Some found the product funny, with one person replying: "Remember no more than 6 spirits at a time."

A second joked: "I love the way people are thinking little 6 year old Britney is going to cause a zombie apocalypse with their pound shop board with some letters on it..."

The product is only sold to over 18s and it is labelled for adults only.

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