Pregnant and fabulous

Pregnancy doesn't have to mean tracksuit bottoms and over-sized jumpers. There are plenty of beautiful clothes out there to make you feel like a fashionable and fabulous mum-to-be.

Samantha's Who? actress Christina Applegate has just announced she's pregnant with her first child but has also taken to her Twitter account to share her concerns about maternity wear. Heading to the Cats and Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore premiere in Los Angeles, the actress tweeted, "About to get ready for the Cats and Dogs dealio (sic - deal, affair)...All is well except I don't know how to dress this belly yet. So big black shirt it is".

The actress did not quite wear an over-sized shirt in the end, but a pretty black tunic with black leggings and peep-toe Louboutin shoes. However with her busy social schedule, the Cats and Dogs star will need to update her wardrobe soon if she wants to avoid going down the boyfriend shirt route.

What to wear and what not to wear

Many women find shopping for maternity wear a frustrating experience. Whether it's because they find it difficult to dress their new shape or because they can't find trendy clothing, shopping for a baby bump can be challenging.

Many mothers-to-be resort to buying tent-like dresses, but this look can make them look simply big instead of pregnant. Form-fitting dresses, trousers and tops that show off the growing baby-bump are a lot more flattering and enhance new curves without making one look swamped in fabric.

New mother Denise Van Outen has designed maternity lines, DVO Maternity by Denise Van Outen and DVO Signature by Denise Van Outen for Very, with comfort and style in mind. And she's not the only one. These days there are plenty of fabulous brands for expectant mothers without the celebrity budget, including flattering bikinis and sexy lingerie. Who says that pregnant equals plain?

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