You've Probably Been Pronouncing Primark Wrong And People Are Furious!

14 August 2017, 12:03

primark pronunciation debate asset

Primark is never short of controversy, however, the high-street retailer has found itself in the middle of a storm on Twitter and it's not over the latest Beauty and The Beast mug.

Funnily enough, the latest debate appears to be over how the store is pronounced.

Shoppers up and down the country have been left divided as to whether the store should be pronounced "Pr-eye-mark" or "Pree-mark" and it's seen Twitter users butting heads - with some even threatening to cut family and friends out of their lives. 

What's more, it seems to be North/South issue, with the store's pronunciation varying depending on where you live.

Well, the debate has finally been solved and Primark cleared up the ongoing argument with a statement on their Frequently Asked Questions page, where they confirmed the store is pronounced "Pr-eye-mark".

Finally! Can we all calm down now?