Quick & easy beauty routine

A beauty routine doesn't need to take too long. Set aside five minutes each morning for healthy, glowing skin

Let's face it, between getting ready for work and the school run it's not easy to have time to look after our skin.

However it's important to cleanse, moisturise and protect to keep our epidermis in top notch condition. It only takes five minutes each morning and it makes a great difference. Give it a try!

Cleanse: Pick a face wash that's right for your skin. Foaming washes are great for oily skin, creamy ones for normal, dry and sensitive and gel ones for all skin types. Use in the morning and rinse your face with cold water. Not only this will help you wake up but it's also great for tightening pores and refreshing.

Moisturise: Pat your face dry and apply your favourite moisturiser. Choose a day moisturiser with sun protection SPF 15+ all year around to shield yourself from UVB and UVA rays.  For the eye area apply a specific cream or gel to keep the delicate skin around your eyes hydrated and protected. Let the products sink into your skin before applying make-up.

Once a week: Exfoliate after washing your face. Pick a gentle buffing cream and concentrate on areas like the forehead and the chin, which tend to be greasier. Exfoliating with a micro-granules product will get rid of dead skin cells, improve circulation and reveal newer skin underneath. Be gentle, avoid the eye area and rinse with warm water. Follow with your moisturiser.