The Lovey-Dovey Things We All Did In The '80s That Make Us Cringe Now

love hearts

From passing notes in class to using paper fortune tellers to determine who we'll end up with - here's a list of lovey-dovey things we all did that make us cringe now...

There's a fine line between being loved-up as an adult and being besotted by someone when you were growing up – here are the things we used to do as youngsters in love that make us all dry-heave now...

Sending love letters

We all wrote love letters - whether we shoved an anonymous note in their tray and then ran away or passed a 'Will you go out with me? Tick the box' note in class, it was all very romantic. Until the eagle-eyed teacher caught you and made you read it out loud to the rest of the class that is...

The paper fortune teller

The 'chatterbox' was a time old classic - it knew everything and decided whether you were going to fall into your crush's arms – or die alone.

Offering around love hearts

love hearts

For when you were too shy to say it, confectionery could do it in your place. How sweet.

Making mix tapes

Nothing says 'I love you' like spending hours creating a Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie playlist of love ballads (that you've recorded from the radio) on a cassette.

Testing out the surname

C'mon, every girl wrote her name with her love interest's surname at least once. You know, to check out compatibility. A girl can dream, can't she?


In the era of Flashdance, Footloose, Fame and Dirty Dancing, is it any surprise that we thought dancing was the key to winning someone's heart?

Exercise book graffiti

Classic exercise book graffiti. In fact, everywhere graffiti. Their name was EVERYWHERE from trees to the toilet cubicle at school.

Photo collages

Back in a time when there wasn’t an app to do it all automatically, we went through the pain-staking ritual of cutting out photographs and making little scrapbooks for this person that we would adore for forever.

Picking off daisy petals

"He loves me, he loves me not" is a proven method of gauging your crush's affection and would often be the decider on whether you'd go for it.

The break-up

And it was over to your mates for the break-up. They'll surely deliver the blow that you no longer like someone in a sensitive fashion so it all ends amicably.