You Definitely Grew Up In The 80s If Your Mum Had THESE Hairstyles

Debbie Harry

Princess Diana and Olivia Newton-John were just some of the A-list names whispered into the ears of hairdressers in the 80s, as our mums tried their best to copy the hairstyles of their idols.

It's no secret that getting ready was a very important part of life for any woman in the 80s, and there was always a hot new trend our mothers wanted to try.

The likes Princess Diana, and Oprah Winfrey had our mother's rushing out to the nearest hairdresser with their magazine cuttings in hopes of immolating their idol's A-list style. 
Whether it was a curly perm, a pixie crop, or a backcombed barnet these are the trends that defined our childhood. 

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