10 Incredibly Annoying Things That We Want Rid Of In 2016

2015 annoying canvas

Glitter roots? Man buns? Flashbacks on Facebook? We don’t know about you, but we hope these weird quirks from the last 12 months don’t stray into 2016! Here are 10 things we hope to see the back of when the New Year rolls around.

So many great things happened in 2015…we were introduced to Amy Schumer in 'Trainwreck', Adele came back and said 'Hello', Jennifer Aniston got married and Princess Charlotte was born!

But even with all of these wonderful things, there are still some aspects of the last 12 months that can 'do one'. From crazy glitter roots to dodgy (and usually drunken) Facebook Memories. 

Here are 10 things we'll be glad to see the back of… 

The use of the word ‘bae’ in any context 


Pharrell Williams may have sung ‘Come Get It Bae’ in the summer of 2014, but since then the use of the word to mean ‘boyfriend’, ‘girlfriend’, ‘love’, ‘babe’ etc has exploded to epic proportions. This is problematic, largely because every single British person using it sounds like a sad American wannabe. It is also ridiculous. We will, however, continue to use it as a term of endearment for the cat.

The man bun descended into unwashed territory  

At first man buns were sexy Jared Leto territory, but they swiftly became unwashed balls of grease destined for an emergency hairdressing appointment. Call us old-fashioned, but what happened to a short back and sides? Plus, did you see the glitter beards and tiny man-bun hats trend this year…talk about mental!

Dodgy toupees that NO ONE believes is actually real hair  

We're sorry to break this to you Donald, but even an interviewer tugging on your locks won't make us think that head of hair is real. And it's not just your hair we'd like to get rid of Trumpy-boy, oh no, we'd happily see the back of you completely. We choose peace, love and random acts of kindness thank you very much… 

Facebook Memories just make us feel old

We log on to Facebook to stalk our ex-boyfriends and the girls who we hated at school who are now inexplicably doing better than us at life. We don’t log on to Facebook to see pictures of ourselves from 2007 with a Bacardi Breezer blowing into a whistle at the hen party of a second cousin twice-removed. Go away Facebook Memories function and stop making us feel OLD!

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Lady C can 'do one'

‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ introduced us to Lady Colin Campbell aka Lady C this year, who officially wins the award for the most cantankerous, rude and vicious person to ever enter the jungle. Her vitriol knew no bounds, which is why she firmly belongs in the past. Only nice celebs in 2016, please!

The ‘why would I want that?’ Apple Watch 

If we want to make calls we can, well, use our mobile phones. If we want to text we can, you've guessed it, use our trusty phones…so why did Apple think the Apple Watch was the gift humankind needed? We're not spies, so talking to our wrists like James Bond just makes us look like idiots, and if we really need to use the internet we'd rather do it on a screen bigger than teenage acne spots. You failed Apple…but we'll keep our iPhone 6S thank you very much.  

Crazy over the top beauty trends like Bubble Nails/Clown Contouring/ Rainbow Roots

2015 was the year of over-the-top beauty trends, from glitter sprinkled liberally on top of roots, to multi-masking, clown contouring and bejewelled lips that make closing your mouth a big problem. We want to carry round a make-up BAG not a make-up suitcase with industrial strength glue and face paint in it. And don't even get us started on bubble nails…

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No Nigella, avocado on toast does not constitute a recipe

Nige, we love you, but smothering a load of avocado and onions on a piece of brown bread does not equal cooking. In fact, this whole obsession with avocados has to stop…they're really expensive and we're experiencing an international shortage. Miley Cyrus has even started rubbing them all over her face. Wait, are avocados the new gold? #crisis

#SquadGoals aka the new incarnation of Mean Girls


Taylor Swift's obsession with her 'friends' reached epic proportions this year, when the singer kinda sorta presented her gang to the world. All they need to do is click in unison and they're basically the cast of 'West Side Story'. We're sure your intentions are good Tay-Tay, but any time a group of people becomes cliquey and weird is when you need to reassess your priorities. No more #squadgoals

Female celebrities being asked preposterously awful questions 

What are you wearing? What's more important to you lipstick or blusher? How does it feel kissing Brad Pitt in your new movie? Eugghh. 2016 needs to be the year that famous ladies get asked decent questions. Take 'The Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik, for example, who was asked whether she 'struggles' with the maths on the show. Her answers? She's got a PhD, of course! 

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