Are You Internally Younger Than Your Years?

red head holding alarm clock looking shocked

Drop 10 years in a minute with this test which provides you with a new age related to how well you've looked after yourself.

If you're aged between 40 and 70 an interesting new test claims to be able to run an online risk assessment of your health judged on how you answer the questions it poses.

The 'Ubble' online quiz, which was created by a couple of talented scientists from Sweden claims to asses your life expectancy through a clever questionnaire.

The test examines you with questions about your health and lifestyle and makes it's decision based on your answers.

The study, which is up to 80% accurate, began back in 2007 has been taken by almost 500,000 people and aim's to increase the public's awareness around their general health.

Take the test and find out how old your are on the inside?