Beach or door? The optical illusion that's bamboozling everyone

31 August 2018, 11:42 | Updated: 31 August 2018, 12:32

Door or beach

Do you see a beach or a door? People are divided over what this picture REALLY is... find out the truth below.

Forget the blue or gold dress, or the pink or green trainers - 'beach or door' is the new illusion dividing people everywhere.

The image, shared on social media by a woman called Becky, has turned viral as people have been left scratching their heads as to what it is they're actually seeing. 

When vertical, the image looks decidedly more like a door; with the beige colour resembling rough brickwork, the green being a door frame, and the blue as the door itself.

However, turned on its side, the beige becomes the sand, the green becomes the sea and the blue becomes the sky.

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Things got pretty heated on Twitter as people argued their points:

Becky kept the answer shtum for a few days, before finally revealing the correct answer.

Posting a wider shot of the original image, Becky announced it was, in fact, a beach.

The original image sees a series of people enjoying a dip, proving that those who believed it to be a door were totally wrong!

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