If You Knew THIS... You'd Change Your Sheets More Often.

Bridget Jones Diary Renee Zellweger

You may have the finest Egyptian cotton but this is no match for the unthinkable and grotesque things that are lurking in your bed!

There's nothing better than coming home after a hard days work and snuggling up in your 10.5 tog duvet, but how often do you ACTUALLY change your sheets? 

Go on, 'fess up!

Every other week? Once a month or (god forbid!) longer?

Well, if your answer falls into any of these categories then you aren't changing them enough! 

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According to research by Phillip Tierno of the New York City Of Medicine, you are sleeping on a bed of absolute FILTH unless you change your sheets at least once a week. 

So what things can you find festering in your sheets? Well, fungi, bacteria, sweat, saliva, urine, dead skin (even bits of poo!) to name a few.

Oh, and did we mention that the average person leaves around 100 litres of sweat a year in their bed? 

Someone pass us the sick bucket...we're gagging!

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Tierno says: "Stuff like that accumulates to become significant usually between one or two weeks.

"Bottom line, they should be washed probably on the average of once a week."

Ahem...Excuse us while we go and strip down our bedsheets.