Things You'll Only Relate To If You're From A BIG Family

Cheaper By the Dozen movie Steve Martin

If a noisy army of siblings, cousins, second cousins and aunts twice removed defined your childhood, you'll know these big family facts inside out!


If you could fill a football stadium with your extended family you may consider yourself to be blessed (or cursed) by a constant stream of noise, conversation and camaraderie coming your way. 

To celebrate big broods, here are 10 things that everyone with a large family knows to be true...

Having something all your own is impossible

You may have thought that Barbie you adored in the 1980s was yours and yours alone, but your brother certainly didn't care when he cut all its hair off with the kitchen scissors. Unless you lock it away everything is free game!

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Majority rules at the dinner table 

If you hate spag bol but your five siblings love it, guess what, you're stuck with it! Family get-togethers and evening meals always have a majority rules policy...and don't even think about declaring yourself vegan - you'll never hear the end of it! 

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It's first come first serve...ALWAYS

As soon as that packet of chocolate Digestives gets opened you have to dive in fast to get a look in. And never politely offer to make everyone a cup of tea - you just know everyone will say yes and you'll be hanging round the kettle for three hours. 

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Silence is a rare pleasure 

Finding a few blissful moments of peace and quiet is like finding a dinosaur skeleton buried beneath the playground in the local park...basically, it's impossible! All of us from big families know what it is like to yearn for a silent escape... 

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Hand-me-downs are a way of life

Getting your siblings' old knickers, tights and PE kit is gross, but clothing has been passed down for generations and we don't see that changing any time soon.

Sibling rivalry is a survival instinct 

No one tells us to have beef with our siblings, or to find our little sisters/brothers the MOST ANNOYING human beings on kinda sorta just happens. It's instinctual, like jumping at the sound of a loud noise. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves. 

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Someone always has your back 

Whether you're standing up to a playground bully or dealing with a work issue, those of us with big families know there is always someone there to back us up - even if that is your cousin twice removed who you've only seen at family weddings!

There's help when you need it 

Need your taxes doing? Your uncle Dave can look after that. You need someone to drive you to the airport? Your cousin can pick up that job. At least a big family has everyday tasks all sorted!

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Chairs are the most essential household item 

Peter Kay was right in his infamous 'emergency chairs' sketch...those four legged things are the most essential household items! Lawn chairs, stools, old dining room seats; they're all essential when your six uncles, 15 cousins and great great aunts arrive for Christmas lunch. 

Life is never boring 

They may drive us mental, but we wouldn't be without our giant families! At least life is never yawn-worthy :)

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