This Children's Puzzle Is Leaving Adults Very Confused.

Campsite Riddle

A campsite riddle meant for children is leaving grown-ups scratching their heads. Can you figure it out?

A brainteaser circulating online is leaving even the most intelligent adults a little stumped as they desperately try to answer what appears to be nine simple questions. 

The picture riddle, asks punters to study the snap of tourists on holiday at a campsite and use the picture to help draw a series of conclusions.

However, the internet has been trying to crack the puzzle with little success. 

The black and white image shows three people, one holding a ladle, another rummaging through his backpack and someone else taking a photo.

Punters will also scout out a sign pinned to a nearby tree which reads: "On duty. Colin, 7. Peter, 8. James, 9" and while the fourth name isn't visible, there's a number 10 on show. 

A picnic blanket placed on the grass has a watermelon, four plates and four spoons laid on it and there's a hen searching for seeds next to it. 

Between the trees there is a tent with a butterfly hovering above and a spider building a web using one of the strings.

Sounds fine so far right? 

Well now you have to answers THESE questions. 

Once you've seen the picture try to answer these: 

1. How many tourists are staying at this camp? 

2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago? 

3. How did they get here? 

4. Is there a town nearby? 

5. Where does the wind blow from: north or south? 

6. What time of day is it? 

7. Where did Alex go? 

8. Who was on duty yesterday? 

9. What date is it today?

So how well did you fare? Did you figure it out straight away? Or were you left feeling a little perplexed. 

Don't worry if you didn't answer all the questions... we've given you some help below!

Campsite Riddle


1. There are four tourists 

The duty lists shows four names, despite one being concealed and there are four spoons and plates. 

2. They arrived a few days ago 

In order for a spider to have spun a web next to their tent it must have been there at least a couple of days. 

3. They got there by boat 

Oars by the tree reveal that they rowed there 

4. No, a village is not far 

There's a chicken wandering around which indicates a nearby village 

5. The wind is blowing from the south 

The dark flag on top of the tent helps show which way the wind is blowing. 

And branches in the Northern Hemisphere are normally bigger on the southern side which helps confirm the wind direction. 

6. It’s morning 

Take the answer from question five to figure out east and west then work out the time based on the shadows. 

7. Unknown camper aka Alex is catching butterflies 

His net can be seen hovering behind the tent. 

8. Colin was on duty yesterday 

Colin is rifling through his bag, which is marked with a ‘C’

Alex is catching attempting to catch butterflies while James, who has a tripod in his bag, is taking photos. 

That leaves Peter who is cooking, so according to the duty list, Colin was on duty yesterday. 

9. Today is August 8th... 

The number next to Peter’s name is eight and the ripe watermelon on the ground implies its August.