So THIS Is How You're Actually Supposed To Open A Banana?!

How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey


How are you meant to chow down on a banana? "Who gives a monkeys" you may shout back, but after you hear this nifty trick, you might find yourself eating your words...

We've always tried to get into our bananas stem first. Sounds about right...right? 

Well apparently not. According to a nifty Youtube tutorial, which has been viewed over 11 and a half MILLION times, we've been doing it all wrong for years...

How to peel a banana

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How to peel a banana

Rather than biting into the skin of our banana in a fit of rage, try turning the yellow fruit upside down...

How to peel a banana

Simply pinch the bottom of the banana and pop it open. You should then be able to peel it easily as the skin comes away easily...

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How to peel a banana

Hey presto!

Okay, we admit, it's definitely a first world problem...but still, nice to have a solution to all our banana eating needs :)