12 Ways To Deal With A British Heatwave


It's official! Britain is set for a two-week heatwave with temperatures hitting 32C according to forecasters.

Grab the beach towels and sun lotion!

We all know how accurate the weather forecasters in this country can be, but just in case they've got it right this time, here are 12 tips for dealing with a British MEGA heatwave...

1. Simply… Pimms. Lots and lots of Pimms.  If your local shop runs out of Pimms… riot.

2. Ice cream becomes a mandatory part of every meal. EVERY meal.

3. Work out the quickest route to your local park so you can catch some rays on your lunch break.

4. About 2 days into the heat wave complain loudly to everyone around you that it’s unbearable and watch them scowl at you.

5. Respect the sun! Stock up on sun lotion and use it. Don't think that because you're in Britain you can't get burned.

6. Call all your friends and make bbq plans indefinitely for every weekend until it rains.

7. Throw out all of your winter clothes and wear a bikini none stop. Or maybe not throw them out because you'll need them at some point… probably by Friday.

8. Make lots of plans to visit Britain's beaches but somehow never manage to make it past your own back garden.

9. Don't. Run. Anywhere.

10. Make sure you've packed the essentials every time you leave the house: sunglasses, sun lotion, blanket to sit on, umbrella. Well, it is Britain after all...

11. Make smug Facebook posts about the weather every hour so everyone in cold places are jealous.

12. And if the heat wave doesn’t quite reach you, just be thankful you’re not melting like the rest of us…