This Woman Came Up With The BEST Way Of Deleting Her Ex From Her Life

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Wave good-bye to painful memories of your ex with photoshop queen Kaitlin's incredible trick...

We've all been there; a painful breakup with an ex you'd rather forget. Oh except that you can't of course, due to that wonderful thing known as social media.

You may have cut your former partner clean from your life, but happy photos of your life together continue to haunt you daily all thanks to Facebook.

Well, meet Kaitlin Kelly: TV writer, photographer and all-round photoshop WIZARD… who may just have the answer we've all be waiting for.

Picture: Kaitlin Kelly | Facebook

After a painful breakup of her own with a former boyfriend, the talented picture editor had the idea of converting all those painful memories into something MUCH better:

"I had a lot of great photos of myself with my exes, neither of whom I really want to be reminded of," she explained in an interview with online website Mic. "[My friend] was like 'you should just super-realistically photoshop them out.' So I did."

Picture: Kaitlin Kelly | Facebook

Kelly and a friend chill with her ex - now 'Fifty Shades' star Jamie Dornan. 

After posting the amazing creations on Facebook, her project blew up, with friends soon asking her to create similar photos of their exes.

This friend has upgraded her ex to Bill Branson apparently... Picture: Kaitlin Kelly | Facebook

After readjusting her friend's snaps, Kelly's work became so popular that she even receives requests from people all over the world.

Kelly and her ex-girlfriend…replaced here with the actress Megan Fox. Picture: Kaitlin Kelly | Facebook

Hey presto, Kelly managed to replace all those awkward and upsetting memories with hilarious doctored ones. 

One of Kelly's pals and her ex… aka now Lenny Kravitz. Picture: Kaitlin Kelly | Facebook