British Tradition Of A Slice Of Toast And Good Cuppa Is DYING OUT!

Downton Abbey Afternoon tea

A cup of tea and a slice of toast may be the very bread and butter of our nation, but apparently this long-time English tradition won't be around much longer.

Stop. Everything. British people are officially in CRISIS.

New research shows that changing food habits throughout the generations means that people are moving away from the British tradition of a slice of tea and a cuppa in favour of other afternoon snacks.

Perhaps the extinction of the classic combo could be to do with the fact that Brits are no longer eating as much bread in general?

According to a national survey, Brits have reduced the amount of bread they consume by 40 percent since 1974, with the average household  going from 25 slices a week to just 15!

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There's no doubt growing health fads such as gluten-free and no carbs are partly to blame for this!

If that isn't bad enough, tea consumption has fallen to eight cups a week in 2014, down from 23 in 1974.

Sorry, what will be the point in having an English Breakfast Tea if English people aren't even drinking it?! Sort it out people... We're losing our identity! 

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