What Your Favourite Fictional TV Characters REALLY Earn

Fictional TV characters

From Carrie Bradshaw and Meredith Grey to Olivia Pope and Rachel Green; we were shocked to discover what these famous fictional females would earn in reality. Find out who is living within their means and who really needs to cut back...

How many times have you turned on the TV and wondered - how can she possibly afford to live like that? 

Carrie Bradshaw literally never walked anywhere, Olivia Pope wears all white (the dry cleaning bill must be HUGE) and Penny from 'Big Bang Theory' lives alone on a waitress salary…how does that work? 

We did a little digging to find out what these ladies would be taking home if they were real people, and it's safe to say the results surprised us. Let's start with *delusional* Carrie Bradshaw...

Carrie Bradshaw is officially broke!

During 'Sex and the City' we learn that Carrie lives alone, in a super sweet apartment and earns her cash from a weekly life and style column. Add to that her rent, bills, obsession with taxis, expensive cosmopolitans, clothes, shoes and general up-keep, and we literally have no idea how she survives. Even if she's a top columnist earning 50 pence per word that's £250 for a 500 word column. That's £1,000 a month without expenses or taxes. Huh? 

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Rachel Green is surprisingly rich

Rachel started life as a waitress in Central Perk, but once she took the plunge into a job in fashion her salary sky-rocketed. Working as a merchandising manager at Ralph Lauren is a pretty significant position and someone in that real-life role could easily be commanding £85,000 plus! So, wait…Rachel was rich? We soooo didn't get that vibe from 'Friends'.  

Alicia Florrick can afford to splurge…

As an equity partner of a private law firm, it's clear that Alicia Florrick of 'The Good Wife' can charge top dollar for her services. It turns out though her average salary is probably around the £150,000 mark, with some specialists earning as much as £250,000. No wonder her power suits always look so immaculate! 

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Penny switched up her finances

At the start of 'The Big Bang Theory', Penny is a struggling waitress working at The Cheesecake Factory while trying to make it as an actress. Assuming she was taking home minimum wage that's £6.70 per hour in the UK (in America it's about £5), so her yearly wage was very modest. However, in later series Penny becomes a trainee pharmaceutical sales rep - an industry where wages start at £18,000 and rise to £40,000 after a few years. What a turnaround for Penny! 

Meredith Grey is too busy to spend her cash

Dr Meredith Grey of 'Grey's Anatomy' is the chief of general surgery people! That means two things; she's completely bad-ass and earning mega bucks. Don't believe us? Well, insight from the wonderful world of the internet suggests she could be on as much as £165,000 per year, but it's probably closer to £90-100,000. Still, that is nothing to be sniffed at! 

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Olivia Pope can take early retirement…probably

Olivia Pope is one of our favourite TV characters; she's smart, sassy, slick, stylish and knows how to say exactly what she wants DURING an argument (not 20 minutes later when you've finally figured out the perfect witty comeback). As a political fixer, PR guru and general problem solver working in the very highest echelons of US political life, there's not much stopping Olivia from charging huge hourly rates. Our best guess? Let's start from £250,000 per year and work upwards - she can certainly afford as many white hats as she wants. 

Time to walk out that door and get a new job ladies (just make sure there's an Olivia Pope hair flick involved)!