OMG! These Annoying Internet Trends Are Older Than You Think!

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'OMG', selfies and LOLCats are just a few of the internet phenomena becoming viral sensations online, but did you know that these "modern" trends aren't really modern at all? Some of them have been around as early as the 1800s! Don't believe us? See it for yourself.


When you think of the word 'Twerking', you're mind probably casts back to August 2013 and the jaw-dropping moment Miley Cyrus gyrated against singer Robin Thicke during his rendition of 'Blurred Lines' (all whilst wearing a latex bikini!) at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

The clip instantly went viral and made way for a string of 'How to Twerk' tutorials on Youtube. 

Whilst we all know that Miley wasn't the first star to shake her booty, you'll probably be surprised to know that the term 'twerk' dates as far back as 1820!

According to Oxford English Dictionaries the word was first spelt 'twirk' and used to describe a twisting or jerking movement. It later emerged again in 1848 and was used in 1908.


If you thought the likes of Kim Kardashian ushered in the 'selfie' phenomenon then think again! Word has it that Robert Cornelius was responsible for the world's oldest known selfie taken way back in 1839. 
Amateur chemist and photography enthusiast Robert Cornelius, from Philadelphia, took the self-portrait in his family's silver-plating shop in the city and it's thought he had to run in front of the camera as the remote shutter release -later invented by Frenchman Louis Daguerre - hadn't yet been created. 
He wrote on the back of the photo: "The first light picture ever taken. 1839." 
While Robert may not have pulled a duck face pout, we think there is some SERIOUS schmizing (smiling with your eyes like model Tyra Banks) going on here!
The First Ever Selfie - Robert Cornelius


The popular phrase is such an internet phenomenon that it's even found it's way into everyday conversation! 
The abbreviation, which stands for "Oh My God", may have been popularised by the likes of 'The Only Way Is Essex' crew but it turns out Winston Churchill and his pals were using the word back in 1917. 
An extract from a letter written by Lord Fisher to the former British Prime Minister reads: "I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis - O.M.G (Oh! My God!)"
We wonder if they used the word 'LOL' too?


There's nothing better than laughing at a cat meme. Whether it's a kitten chasing after a yarn ball, playing piano or dressed up in a hilarious outfit, we just can't get enough of a good old LOLCat on social media. 
You'll be surprised to know that this internet trend has actually been around since the 1870s and British photographer Harry Pointer was known for pictures of cats in various situations. 
What's more surprising is that he would add an amusing caption too! If that isn't a LOLCat we don't know what is! 


If you grew up in the 90s then the word 'troll' will mean a little plastic doll with crazy hair, but for the internet generation the term has a completely different meaning and refers to a person who sets up false identities on social media to harass people online.
Well, who would of thought that former American president Benjamin Franklin was basically a troll back in 1772? 
It's claimed that a series of letters appeared in the New-England Courant written by a middle-aged widow named 'Silence Dogood' which poked fun at life in colonial America, such as the drunkenness of locals and the fashion for hoop petticoats.
It turns out Doogood didn't even exist! It was just a sixteen year-old Franklin taking advantage of the fact his older brother James used to work at the printers!