An American Actor Attempts A Geordie Accent And Sounds Like Nothing You've Ever Heard

Castle: The Geordie


Is it an alien? Is it a robot? Who knows?! But it's pretty hard to guess what this actor is saying..!

We've heard some questionable accents in our time, but this one really takes the biscuit.

This hugely embarrassing attempt at a Geordie accent would leave most Newcastle residents rolling in aisles! 

Okay, we're not claiming to be accent mimicking geniuses and actor Greg Bryan undoubtedly gives it his best shot... but this just ends up sounding something in between gobbledygook and a complete joke!

Via Giphy

Have a listen above... can you figure any or it out? Nope, us neither! 

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The Castle Geordie 

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We guess somethings just shouldn't be attempted by out-of-towners!