6 Grown Up Uses For Lego

Lego Bricks 2

It was our favourite toy growing up, with so many building opportunities! But by the time we reached our teens, many of us had done away with the colourful bricks.

Except for these Pinterest users, who have come up with 6 ways we can use the bricks as adults...

Lego Inspired Furniture

Spice up your living room with a colourful touch, of the brick variety!

Lego Furniture


Lego Keys

Make use of those leftover bricks and ensure you never lose your keys again!

Lego Keys


Lego Storage

A practical way to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Perfect for the kids heading off to university too!

Lego Storage Kitchen

Banksy Artwork Comes To Life In Lego

Lego Super Mario Bros

This is officially the coolest aquarium of all time! It could be the home of some very cool fishes, shall we call them Mario and Luigi? 

Super Mario Lego Aquarium

Lego Lamp Shade

Just think of the masterpieces you could admire as you eat your cereal in the morning! 

Lego Lamp Shade

Lego Bedroom Wall

Well we hit a brick wall with this one (sorry). Wouldn't this be perfect in the kid's bedroom?! Keeping them amused for hours, days and hopefully years.

Lego Brick Wall

Banksy In Lego

We just love Lego!