People Are NOT Happy About This St Patrick's Day Ad - Can You See Why?

Guinness St Patrick's Day advert

Uh-oh! Guinness have issued an apology after the public were quick to spot a BIG problem with one of their latest adverts...

It was more a case of SHAMErock than shamrock for Guinness after the drinks company make an embarrassing mistake in their St Patrick's Day ads in Canada.

Eagle-eyed members of the public took to social media to tell the company off for confusing the traditional Irish three-leaf shamrock with a four-leaf clover.

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Mark Gray pointed out the error, which was seen in ads that appeared on the subway in Toronto, tweeting: "Should be a shamrock not a clover"

Meanwhile, Judith Gannon went further and said what we are all thinking, "I thought if anyone would be able to get a shamrock right it would be @guinnesscanada I guess not."

Guinness later responded to another complaint, saying the mistake happened in the excitement of getting ready for St Patrick's Day.

A red-faced spokesperson said: "In the excitement of getting ready for next week, we obviously made a mistake and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

"As Canadians, we will say 'Sorry!' and let you know we are removing the posters immediately."

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Judging by the mix-up, we suspect they may have kicked off their own celebrations early!