Harry Potter's Quidditch Inspires Boozy Game That's Going Viral!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We've all wished we could hop on a broomstick and engage in the iconic sport from the wizarding world, and now you can (well, technically!) with a hilarious new twist on beer bong.

Weekends will never be the same again now that Quidditch Pong exists! Going forward, we'll be leaving regular beer pong to the Muggles as a new magical twist on the popular drinking is sweeping the internet. 

Just incase anyone tries to dispute that it's a real sport, (which it totally is) there's even an unofficial Quidditch Pong League who are the masterminds behind the genius creation.

The mysterious group sell all the necessary equipment to play the game, along with a an extremely comprehensive list of rules to be taken very seriously of course. 

Unlike the the classic game of beer pong, which sees teams compete against each other by throwing ping pong balls into their oppositions cups and forcing them to down their drink, Quidditch pong is a little more complicated.

So how do you play? We'll break it down for you. 

How To Play Quidditch Pong Like A Pro.

1. Set up 10 red cups in a pyramid fashion on either side of a long table.

2. Add three hoops to the middle of the table which can be purchased online along with two bats and a snitch, which you'll need later. 


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3. Assign one of the cups as a 'Snitch Cup' which should be set up away from the table but not to far.

4. Next you'll need to choose your house. Pick wisely, because each house has different advantages and you can cast certain spells once per game. 

5. You need to be in teams of three. So assign a seeker and a batter to each team. 

6. The beater will be one trying to block oncoming ping ping balls, while the seeker tries to aim their ball for the Snitch Cup. The third person should be concentrating on getting their ball into as many of their opponents red cups as possible. 

7. Play to win! You can do this in two ways, which taking out all your opponents red cups or getting one ball into the Snitch Cup. 

Sound confusing? Brush up on your knowledge with the full list of rules!