6 Household Inventions We HOPE Are Coming Soon

Household chores

Self-cleaning clothes, stain-proof carpets, breakfast machine... Check out the household appliances we can't wait to be invented.

1. Self-Cleaning Clothes

We've already got stain-resistant clothing (thank goodness!), but what about self-cleaning clothes? We're sick of having nothing to wear because we haven't had time to do the washing yet. Life would be a lot easier if you could just hang your clothes up and have them clean themselves overnight. 

2. Automatic Curtains

Hate dashing around the house in the morning drawing all the curtains? It's always a toss up between how late you're for work and how much you care if your neighbours think you spent all day in bed. With automatic curtains you could set a time for them to open at the same time every morning. Plus, no more flashing people when you draw them in your underwear...

3. Self-Empting Bin

We all live in fear of forgetting about bin day. If you miss it, your dustbin is doomed to be overflowing until the next pick up day. With a self-empting bin though, every time it gets full it could wheel itself outside just in time to be emptied. That will stop your having to dispose of your rubbish in other more unconventional ways...

4. Stain-Proof Carpets

We're not talking about stain-resistant carpets. We've already got those and they're great, but you still have to be careful around a cream carpet with a glass of wine. What we're talking about are carpets which are actually impossible to stain, no matter how much wine, mud, paint, take away or crayon gets on them.

5. Breakfast Machine

Remember the breakfast machine in 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure'? We want one of those! How much time would we save in the morning if we didn't have to worry about making sure everyone had a good breakfast? Maybe we could even have a lie... Yeah, dream on!

6. Pet Washer

Washing your dog has got to be one of the most annoying household chores. Not only are they usually covered in mud, but they never stay still long enough to let you give them a proper wash. We can't wait until a mini pet version of a car wash is invented so, we can just pop our doggy on the conveyor belt and leave them to get all squeaky clean.

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