How Much Caffeine Is It REALLY Okay To Drink?


Are you a self-professed coffee addict? Then this might just shock you...

Most of us struggle to start the day with out a nice, steaming cup of coffee, and if someone even dares to come between elevenses there will be hell to pay!

And we mustn't forget the five o'clock caffeine fix to keep us ticking over during the evening. 

If this is you, then this might just shock you. 

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According to Business Insider, the amount of caffeine a healthy adult should consume in a day is up to 400mg and the normal amount of caffeine in a 12-ounce coffee cup contains 90 to 120mg. 

But if you're drinking out, you may need to be wary about what you're consuming. 

One 12-ounce 'tall' or small cup of Starbucks coffee actually has as much as 260mg of caffeine per cup.

About two 12oz cups of McDonald's drip coffee contains the maximum amount of caffeine you should have in a day as each 12oz cup contains 109mg of caffeine.

Roughly five 8oz cans of Red Bull regular contain the max amount of caffeine you should have in a day., which is less that your average coffee brew. However, there are other ingredients in a Red Bull like taurine that you may not want to consume in large amounts. 

If you're looking to cut down on your daily caffeine intake, why not ditch the coffee and try brewed black tea? Each cup contains around 67mg of caffeine per cup so you would need to drink at least six cups before exceeding your recommended daily allowance. 

A can of Coke contains 34grams of caffeine. It might seem low but it can add up, especially if you're drinking one on the same day as your Starbucks!

Hmm... Maybe we should think before we tuck into another cup!