Which Direction Do YOU Tilt? How You Kiss Could Determine Your Relationship!

The Notebook Kiss

The direction in which the object of your affections leans their head when going in for the kill says ALOT about how they really feel.

Going in for the kill when kissing someone for the first time can be a daunting experience. 

Do you meet them half way? Or do you pucker up and take the plunge? 

Well, new research can solve a lot of hassle as experts claim the direction a person tilts their head when giving a kiss determines how they really feel about you.

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Apparently, leaning to the right results in a really romantic and passionate kiss, meaning you're both really into each other. 

Whereas leaning left is more friendly and normally associated with giving friends and family a kiss on the cheek. Basically, you're in the FRIEND ZONE.

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The study analysed photos of romantic couples kissing compared with family members kissing, and picked up on this striking difference in approach.

According to lead researcher Jennifer Sedgewick, it's all to do with how your brain is wired!

She explained: "Your brain is split into two halves: the left and right hemisphere. Activity on one side makes us focus on (or move toward) the opposite side."

To put things in laments terms, the left side of our faces express more emotion and that's why we tilt to the right to kiss our partners to show them the more emotive side of our face.

So the next time someone tickles your fancy and you find yourself going in for the kill, you may want to check they're leaning to the RIGHT. It could save a lot of heartache!