You've Been Using Kitchen Roll Wrong Your Entire Life

kitchen roll

There's a trick that ensures you only need one paper towel per mess (or trip to the bathroom) - it's called the shake and fold.

OK, using kitchen roll isn't exactly rocket science: Spot a spill, tear off some sheets and wipe it up. 

But lo and behold wet-handed readers, there's a simpler way to use fewer paper towels - and science actually does play a part in the logic.

According to this Tedx Talk from Joe Smith there's a smarter way to solve one of life's most waste-producing problems. And it's incredibly simple. Instead of grabbing for a clump of paper towels, simply shake your hands for a while first, then use a single, folded sheet to dab off the remaining moisture - viola!

Smith proves a point that's more common sense than science: You're probably grabbing several sheets of paper towel simply out of habit. It's a bit faster, sure, but the towels are designed to be as absorbent as possible – especially the quilted ones you'll find in your kitchen. Try a single sheet (and fold it!), and maybe you can cut down how often you need to lug home a gigantic package of kitchen rolls from Tesco – and save money at the same time. Result!

So next time your little one knocks over a drink, and you go to pull more than one piece of paper off of the kitchen roll, just leave it be. You're better than that.