M&S's new Magic Sprinkles are causing quite a debate on social media

7 September 2019, 14:42 | Updated: 7 September 2019, 21:16

M&S Magic Sprinkles
M&S Magic Sprinkles. Picture: M&S

By Beci Wood

Gemma Collins has been raving about them but it seems the public aren't quite convinced by the idea of M&S's Magic Sprinkles.

M&S Magic Sprinkles
So what exactly are M&S Magic Sprinkles. Picture: Instagram

The product, which is said to add more flavour to pretty much anything, went on sale in stores this week.

Boasting it is 'magic at your fingertips', the marketing video says it's perfect on breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is even the suggestion of carrying it in your handbag and pouring it in cocktails.

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But social media users aren't buying it - saying it seems like an elaborate sales pitch for something which resembles salt and sugar!

One social media user said: "Is it April 1st? This is #unrecyclable #plasticpollution - have you no shame?"

Another added: "Watched it 5 times now. I'm sure it's just grounded salt and sugar. Are you seriously wanting us to pour extra salt and sugar on everything we eat?"

M&S Magic Sprinkle
M&S Magic Sprinkle. Picture: Instagram

M&S say: "We love our NEW Cook With M&S Magic Sprinkle so much we’re taking it everywhere. Add it to your breakfast eggs, top our popcorn with it or use it to garnish your Bloody Mary – pick up a pack in store today for £1. It's so good, you won't want to leave home without it."

This week reality star Gemma Collins was the first person to test the product in the UK and gave it a BIG thumbs-up.

Sharing her experience on Instagram she said: "I'm so excited about @marksandspencer brand new Magic Sprinkles which launch in store tomorrow."You can put them on everything - from scrambled eggs to sweet popcorn! They also make a mean addition to a Bloody Mary!

"I’m so lucky 🍀 Im the first person in the UK to taste them! We all love a bit of @marksandspencer 💗💗💗."

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins has been taste testing for M&S. Picture: Getty

But Matt, who works in M&S's marketing department has been busy explaining to baffled social media users questioning what the product actually is.

Over and over, he has explained: "Magic Sprinkle is a magical seasoning blend that includes dried herbs, garlic, onions, sugar, salt and pepper. Best wishes, Matt."

We'll let this debate rumble on...