This Maths Trick Is Our New Favourite Party Game

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A weirdly clever maths trick can figure out a person’s year of birth and shoe size with just a few simple sums, but some online commentators aren’t feeling so impressed. Enter our parallel universe to find out why maths is suddenly cool on Twitter.

A maths trick that can work out someone’s shoe size and age in six easy-as-pie steps is making the rounds on Twitter, but is it any good?

According to online experts the trick has been around for years, but no one really cared (turns out maths equations don’t float many people’s boats – go figure!).

But since Twitter got its claws into the trick it has caused a furious debate on the social networking site, with some saying their minds have been blown, while others reckon it’s all a bit of a con.

Here’s the trick so you can try it for yourself…

  1. Find a willing participant and ask them to write down their shoe size, but not tell you

  2. Then ask them to multiply that by five

  3. Add 50

  4. And then multiply that number by 20

  5. Then add 1,015

  6. Finally subtract the YEAR of their birth

You should be left with a figure that includes their shoe size and age, together making up a three or four-digit.

Amazingly, the trick works regardless of whether you use a UK, European or American shoe size, but it does have a flaw. If you’ve already had your birthday in 2016 the figures are likely to be skewed…

Anyhoo, some people aren’t convinced noting that the trick literally ASKS for a persons shoe size and year of birth, so it’s hardly ‘guessing’ is it?

What do you reckon? Let us know in the comments box below…