Terrifying Moments That Make You Realise You’re OFFICIALLY An Adult

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So, you’re living life, enjoying slightly more expensive bottles of red wine and regularly changing your bed sheets. Congratulations, you’ve officially reached the realms of adulthood. Join us as we rundown the top 10 realisation moments that prove you’re no longer a twenty-something, but a fully-fledged adult…

No longer is paying bills the sign of becoming an adult. Oh no, even students pay their bills on time!

The true markers of a shift to fully-fledged adulthood is far more subtle; from the amount of time you spend in the supermarket to the time you decide it is appropriate to eat dinner (never before 6pm, but must be before 10pm or we miss the ‘hunger window’ – yes, that’s a REAL thing).

Here are 10 signs that you’ve soared past the big 3-0 and you’re now officially a grown-up…

You buy the £8 bottles of wine instead of the £4.99 bargain offers

The good old fashioned weekly supermarket shop has become a new feature in your life, as has the slightly more expensive section in the wine aisle. You’ve reached your 30s, which means you’re allowed, nay entitled, to drink wine that doesn’t taste like urine. Rejoice!

You actually need to stop-and-think to remember something

Names, faces, street names, actors, actresses, movies…they’ve all started to seep into the bottomless lagoon of our brains. Every now and then we have to stop and actively search through our mental filing cabinets to remember something. It’s beyond annoying.

You can’t understand a word that kids are saying

Slang today is not like it was back-in-the-day. We said things like ‘wicked’, ‘class’ and ‘bangin’’ – those things made sense! Now we listen to kids on the bus and literally can’t make heads or tails of it. We’re officially old.


Technology annoys you more than you thought humanly possible

That Nokia 6310 you owned was soooo amazing; it stayed charged for three years, it had Snake, it made calls and sent text messages. Now we have to deal with Apple genius’ and broadband black-outs that make us want to punch the walls. Gaaahhhh.


Hangovers are 48-hour behemoths that knock you for six

You used to be able to go out, drink a bottle of wine and still wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. Now you’re staring into the deep abyss of the toilet bowl and swearing you’ll never drink EVER AGAIN. Until the Christmas party of course…

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Your friends know enough to potentially put you away for life

You’ve got a handful of friends who know you a little too well…like they could ruin you in a second. Well, they do say keep your friends close and your enemies closer!


Checking the labels on food has become instinctual (until it’s your designated junk food day)

Those traffic light symbols basically rule your fridge, but you still have those days where you stuff your face calories be damned! If you’re anything like us, you probably miss the days when eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s wasn’t a recipe for weight gain. Those were good times…

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Dating is like a really tense job interview

In your younger years dating was mildly exciting, but now it’s a weirdly scary, kind of nerve-wracking chore that costs tons of cash and results in you being drunk 90% of the time. We’re still holding out hope for the mysterious ‘one’ though.


You now officially ‘don’t have time’ for certain things

Like shops that make skirts without linings in them (if we wanted our bums on show, we just wouldn’t wear a skirt at all, right?), queuing at the post office, or shampoo that costs more than a whole meal deal. By your 30s you’ve made up your mind about stuff and it is very unlikely to change!


Off the cuff is formally off the cards

Winging it, flying by the seat of your pants, being ‘spontaneous’ – all of these things can do one because that’s not what you’re about. You’ve reached the age where a good plan is a planned plan, like with times and dates and schedules.