The Most Unpopular Baby Names Of 2016 Unveiled

Peek-a-boo baby

Monikers go up and down in popularity, but it seems that these names are on a permanent downward spiral... Unlucky Beverley.

If your name is Cecil or Doris then you're one of a dying species. 

Just as certain names have risen in popularity in 2016, others have taken a distinct turn into no-man's land. 

Whilst titles such as Noah, George, Elise and Florence are enjoying a surge, certain others aren't so lucky at the moment...

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Mums and dads are turning away from names such as Diane, Donna, Dean and Dennis and turning to other choices.

Parenting advice website BabyCentre created the list of the most unpopular baby names for 2016 from their registration data and found the following results...

Infographic unpopular names 2016

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So if you're thinking of naming your new little nipper Nigel, just don't do it mum's. DON'T DO IT!!!


Still, never mind Neville's, these things are cyclical - we're sure your time will come round again!