Babe Or Buddy? Your Nickname Decoded

babe or buddy canvas 2

Hmmm… pet names - what a minefield right?! Well, never fear, Heart are here to demystify what these terms of address really mean! Are you everybody's best friend, or a bit of a pushover? Prepare to find out...


If you're a referred to as a 'babe' by anyone, then you're definitely doing something right. 

Babes are fabulous, flirty and fun - which you TOTALLY are, naturally. 


You're everyone's best friend - sweet, good natured, kind and a bundle of happiess too. You're only teeny tiny fault - you're a bit of a yes person!

It's great being all lovely and obliging, but just be careful not to let anybody take advantage of your good nature! 


Along the same lines as 'duck' or 'pet', but slightly more generic. If you're being called 'love', you're in someone's good books… you're only issue - standing out from the crowd! 


Hey there you sassy lady, you! Well aren't you just one big Queen of Everything? Attitude - check, style - check, bags of soul - absolutely check! 

Yep, you're working it girl! Just keep doing what you're doing. 


Eeesh… we hate to be bearers of bad news, but if you're getting called 'chuck' to your face, then something's gone a little bit wrong somewhere…

'Chuck's' the sort of term you use for your little nephew, NOT what you want to be called by senior figures in the office you're trying desperately to command respect from!   



Waaaay to goooo man! You're officially the most chilled out person on the planet at this particular moment in time. We'd say congrats and scoop you up in a big bear hug… but we know that would be totally uncool dude.   


Okay so you might be one step down from the ULTIMATE CHILL LEVEL of 'dude', but you're still managing pretty well. 

"Hey man, what's up?"

Yep. You're officially cool and fun, whilst still being reliable and trusted. RESPECT. 


Alright there granddad. We don't mean to be awkward… but really, in 2015? Really?!