10 Obscure British Laws You've Probably Broken

Criminal funny

Think speeding and downloading music illegally are the only minor laws you've broken recently? Think again because we're about to take a look at some really bizarre laws you never knew existed. 

Were you aware for example that you could be arrested for handling a salmon in ‘suspicious circumstances’? 

We mean let's be honest, we've probably broken them all at some point or another.

1. It was illegal to sing Happy Birthday… until now!

Yep, the song has in fact been copyrighted for years, so technically you should have had to pay every time you sang it in public.

However, an American court has now ruled that the lyrics are in the public domain and no longer owned by Warner/Chappell Music.

2. It’s illegal to scribble on banknotes.

You probably shouldn't set them on fire either. Just a thought.

3. It’s illegal to be drunk in a pub.

Yeah, none of us have done that. Definitely not this weekend.. or last weekend...

4. It’s illegal to carry a plank along a pavement.

We're not sure if this means planking is illegal too...

5. It’s illegal to handle a salmon in ‘suspicious circumstances’.

We're not entirely sure what 'suspicious circumstances' means so be careful where you put your salmon sandwich at lunchtime.

6. It’s illegal to slide on ice or snow.

Spoil our winter fun!

7. It’s illegal to beep your car horn to tell someone off.

Do they mean everywhere or just in your car?

8. It’s illegal to fail to clean your WHOLE windscreen of ice before driving.

We tried but there was just so much of it.

9. It’s illegal to let your dog out of the car if you break down beside the motorway.

It's ok, they love being in cars anyway.

10. It’s illegal to fly a kite in a public place.

This is the one we're most upset about. Ryan Gosling feels our pain.