We're Baffled! How Many Girls Are ACTUALLY In This Photo?

Optical illusion: How many girls can you ee

A photographer originally posted this image on her Instagram account as part of a hashtag project but she got more than she bargained for!

Thousands of people have tried to work out exactly how many girls are in this unintentional optical illusion picture.

Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari originally posted the photo online as part of a photography project to celebrate individuality but she inadvertently caused an internet frenzy and now even we're confused!

Can you figure it out?


Same but different | My entry #whpidentity for @instagram [thank you #instagram for this featuring ]

A photo posted by tiziana vergari iPhoneography (@tizzia) onMar 6, 2016 at 1:47pm PST


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Good luck guessing, hope you do better than we did!