See A Hole In Your Hand With This Clever Optical Illusion

One Weird Visual Illusion Explained


Ambiguous figures cause your brain to see things differently... this one will blow your mind COMPLETELY.

Prepare to be completely amazed by a quick and easy game that you can play at home!

Science writer Vanessa Hill makes fun videos for her 250,000 Youtube followers that you do yourself with minimal equipment. 

In this footage she explains what binocular rivalry is and just how it works. 

Woman using paper roll eye trick  

The trick involves rolling up a piece of paper and putting it to your eye whilst you look at your hand with the other eye. 

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Soon your brain begins to merge the two images, making it seem like the hole in the paper is actually in your hand!

optical illusion hand paper trick

The paper basically confuses your eyes by combining the images and making you see what's not really there! Cool huh? 

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optical illusion hand paper trick
So there you have it - Hey presto! The perfect trick to delight your dinner party guests or entertain the kids!