This Optical Illusion Tricks Adults But Not Children

Doherty Circle optical illusion 1

Out of the two circles in the centre of both squares, which one is bigger? The one on the right? 


Both of the circles are exactly the same size - it's the different sizes of the circles around them that make you think that one is bigger than the other. 

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A study by Martin Doherty from the Department of Psychology at the University of Stirling, shows that adults are fooled by something called the Ebbinghaus illusion but children aren't.

When gaging the size of an object, adults' brains take into account the context of things around the object but children don't. 

Understanding context develops slowly in children which is why they see the size of the object for what it really is!

So there you have it. Use your children to help you to see the truth but just make sure the cheeky monkeys don't fool you!