Parents Share Their ADORABLE First Baby Selfies

Water Aid Baby's first selfies

Celebrities have been leading the way in posting the cutest photos of their little nippers that we've ever seen, all to help raise funds and awareness for Water Aid UK.

The 'Deliver Life' appeal hopes to revolutionise the lives of around 130,000 mums-to-be throughout the world who are giving birth in places without access to safe or clean water. 

Famous parents like Jamie Theakston and Claire Sweeney have been leading the charge in sharing heart-warming pictures of their little 'uns on Twitter and Instagram for a good cause.


"The idea behind #firstbabyselfie is to build empathy and solidarity with women around the world who have to give birth without the clean water, hygiene and sanitation that we in the UK often take for granted," says Joe Downie from Water Aid UK.