8 Traits Women Absolutely Adore In Men

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In the words of Shania Twain "That Don't Impress Me Much"…but here's what does get the lady's pulses racing!

What do you look for in a man? We all know that looks are definitely not the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to meeting a chap who is actually worth spending your life with. 

We'd much rather date an intelligent, hardworking and kind man than a dull Brad Pitt lookalike any day of the week! 

Here's our rundown of the eight personality traits we find most attractive in men. Let us know if you agree with us below…

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1. A sense of humour 

It's so important to be able to make people smile, but it's equally important to be able to laugh at yourself. If he takes life and himself too seriously we're immediately put off! 

2. A passion for something…anything!

Whether it's fixing roofs, collecting 'Star Wars' memorabilia or going down the football every Saturday; a man with a passion for something is very attractive. Plus, it should give him plenty of things to talk about…even if it is 'Star Wars' trivia! 

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3. A romantic streak

Everyone needs a little bit of affection, which is why a touch of romance is always a great thing to find in a man. He doesn't need to be period drama romantic, but the occasional flowers and declaration of love wouldn't go amiss.  

4. An easy natural confidence 

If he's meeting your friends, hanging out with your family or thrown into your work's Christmas-do not knowing a soul, it's always nice to meet a man who can hold his own. Natural confidence is all about charm and charisma NOT arrogance. Any arrogant men can do one!  

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5. Dependability and trustworthiness 

The cornerstones of all rock solid relationships are trust and dependability - if he's never where he says he is going to be, or makes promises he can't keep you're bound to have problems. And trust isn't just about fidelity - you need to know he will pay the bills on time, walk the dog and keep the kids safe too! 

6. Generosity

Money is a fickle friend and certainly isn't the route to happiness, so when we look for generosity we don't want expensive gifts or sparkling jewellery. We mean generosity of spirit, like tipping waiters, holding doors open, helping people in need and giving up spare time to help a friend in need. This is much more attractive than a few pounds and pence. 

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7. The ability to actually listen 

Instead of switching off every time you open your mouth, he actually listens when you have something to say. Whether it's something important like a big life event or something trivial like your thoughts on the latest blockbuster - if he genuinely listens and you have good chat, he's probably a keeper!

8. Kindness through and through

The best of men are kind. It's really that simple. A nasty streak isn't something we want to waste our time on. He may not be Mr Perfect or Mr Fantastic but if he's Mr Kind he will always get the girl. 

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What traits do you look for in a man? Let us know...