Shhh! We Won't Tell If You Don't: Our Little White Lies

Woman looking guilty

Okay team, time to 'fess up… Here are the cheeky fibs we all tell ourselves and pretend we don't. But never fear, there's nothing wrong with telling a few porkies every now and then!

If I set my alarm to half an hour later than normal I can still make it into work on time… just!

If I skip the gym today, I'll go twice tomorrow…. I mean it this time! 

But in the meantime… a doughnut has a hole in it… so it's basically half the calories, right?

Okay, one cheeky pizza slice now, and then salad for the rest of the week. Promise! 

A glass of red totally counts as one of our 5-a-day.

I'd definitely go out tonight… if I didn't have a really, really terrible cold *was up to date with Scandal*

"Yep. I'm leaving the house now… I've just closed the front door. I'll be there in 5…"

Oh never mind. Who are we kidding anyway...?!

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