Baby Mozart And Other Signs You're Actually A 'Bubble Wrap' Parent!

confused baby with headphones in

By Holly Fishwick

Boosting your baby's brain power might sound like a flawless plan to set them well on the road to life's successes, but it's not as simple as it sounds...

We only want what's best for our kids - that's a given! 

But sometimes our over enthusiasm gets the best of us and we get a little carried away with ourselves... 

There's no doubt that it all comes from a good place, but overdoing it might not actually be the best answer!

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Do babies who are exposed to classical music end up smarter?

You've probably heard the suggestion that playing your nipper Mozart will dramatically increase his or her brain power. 

Psychologist Frances Rauscher famously claimed that listening to just 10 minutes of Mozart santa in D-major will help relax your little one.

There are certainly some seriously intriguing ideas out there any many have somehow managed to catch on over the years...

But are tutored toddlers really the answer?

You can hardly blame new parents from trying everything from Superfoods, to Mandarin lessons to bombarding them with buzz words, in an attempt to help their bumpkins put their best foot forward. 

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There are so many suggestions out there, that's easy to be overwhelmed by it all and resisting the urge to over parent is tough! 

But instead over over-filling their diaries with extracurriculars, watching them like hawks and monitoring everything they do... it might just be best to give them AND you a bit of a break.

Baby Beethoven Be Gone! 

Focusing on exploring things together without the added pressure of competition will give you the chance to bond with your little one in a whole new way... which, believe us, you totally deserve!