'I'll Give You Detention!' Teacher OWNS Pupil During Playground Rap Battle

teacher vs student Rap battle


Watch what happens when one school pupil finds himself facing an unlikely competitor during a lunchtime rap cypher.

Never underestimate the secret talents of your local school teacher! This was a lesson learned by student Aflie McKay when he took on Miss Ashurst during an impromptu rap battle at Kings of Wessex Academy, Cheddar, Somerset.

The 16-year-old pupil had been running a rap battle stand as part of a charity event at the school - with each clash of words costing 50p a go.

Alfie looked set for victory as he threw a series of witty lyrics at his opponent. He rapped: "Miss, you wish you could see me, you wish you could teach me, but I'm like a genie, give me your wishes, you better go home and clean up my dishes."

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School teacher rap battle

Obviously loving the action packed dual, the crowd of school children began cheering as their teacher faked a shocked facial expression.

Taking the jibes all in good spirits, Miss Ashurst then delivered her epic comeback.

She rapped: "Alfie Mackay you lose all the attention, your lyrics are cr*p imma put you in a detention!"

OOOSH! Alfie, you just got served!