6 Terrible Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

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Could you? Would you? Should you??! These are the constant questions circling around every over-thinker's head.

When your friend is desperate to drag you on a night out and they're telling you it'll be fun… but really every fibre of your body is knows that if you leave the house something bad could happen.

When you’ve done something awful like finishing off the last of the milk, and you just KNOW those closest to you will turn against you. 

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When you go out to dinner and your friends choose their food in minutes, but you’re don’t know whether you want steak of pizza… Oooh but you are trying to be healthy… but a salad seems a bit bland…

When you’re having a great day and then you remember something embarrassing you said 3 months ago... And then you can’t. stop. thinking. about it.


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When you’ve got a great day planned, you grab your phone, wallet, headphones, reading material, scarf, hat, gloves. There’s no way you could have forgotten anything… 


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When you see someone that you’ve definitely met before at a party and you want to say hi but you don’t know if they’ll remember you. They might try and befriend you like a normal human being, but oh no, you’ve already fully committed to ignoring them. 

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ARRRGHHH! The struggle is REAL!