Are You In The 2% Of The Population Who Have This "Superpower"?

Eye face mask mapping

By Holly Fishwick

If you have this skill then you might just be a supersleuth and might be able to help the police solve crimes...

It's not a common skill, but if you have it then you could be in high demand!

Whilst many of us struggle to match names with faces of people that we don't know too well, a tiny percentage of us are amazing at recognising those faces that we've only briefly encounter in the past.  

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Research even shows that such people might be even more attuned to spotting faces than CCTV operatives. 

To find out whether you're in the 2% of the population who qualify as one of these 'super recognisers' participants take a computerised test, memorise faces and are later asked to recall them.

A study at Bournemouth University discovered that only one in 50 people possess this skill. 

These people take in the face as a whole and cleverly note the spacing between the facial features. 

We could certainly use these guys to speed up passport control! 

Take the test and find out if you qualify as a 'Super Recogniser' here!