It's Too Hot To Sleep At The Moment And These Tweets Are SO Relatable

20 June 2017, 15:19

too hot to sleep hashtag

Everyone was feeling the heat last night so if you had a sleepless night then you're definitely not alone.

Us Brits are a tough bunch to please.

We moan about the rubbish weather that we are so used to, and when the heat finally does ramp up we still find something to moan about!

The latest trending hashtag on Twitter is #TooHotToSleep, which for most of the UK was definitely the case.

If you're part of the tiny portion of the population who ignored the humidity and did manage to get a decent night's rest then look away! You're not welcome because this is for all the bitter and sleepy people who need a good laugh today.

These Jason Derulo lyrics became more relatable than EVER...

People battled that age old dilemma, fresh air or a bed full of bugs?

Many called for a united front against this wall of sweat...

And creative thinking was needed to endure the night...

And people realised that you should be careful what you wish for - hot weather isn't ALL beaches and bikinis!

Sadly, just when we all made it through one night of tossing and turning there's still a few more ahead and the hottest are yet to come! 

Tomorrow may be the hottest June the UK has seen since Met Office records began, potentially reaching high's of 36 degrees.

The heat has triggered a Public Health England amber warning and they are advising to keep an eye on our elderly as well as those with underlying health problems.

It's important to stay hydrated and look out for one another, particularly while commuting.

But when it comes to bed time, head out and buy a fan, grab an ice pack or a cold flannel because it's safe to say the rest of this weeks evenings will continue to be too hot to sleep.