The Best Time To Call In With A Sickie AND Be Believed Is....


Whether you're genuinely sick or pulling a naughty sickie, we know the best time to call your boss and what the most used (and believable) excuses are...

Okay, so we don't necessarily condone pulling a sickie, but if you are kinda sorta thinking of doing it here's what you need to know! 

The best time to call your boss with is 6.38am on a Tuesday according to market research company Attest, who polled 1,000 employees from across the country to find out when works best.

If you've made up your mind to be naughty, here are some of the incredible excuses people across the country use to get away with it...

Top 10 excuses to give your boss next Tuesday :

1. I'm sick

"I just don't want to spread it around the office you see. I'm really just taking one for the team.."

2. A member of my family is sick

"My hubby is too ill to get out of bed. Well someone needs to feed him Alphabetti Spaghetti with all the letters."

3. I'm in A&E

"The queue is really long and there's only one Doctor on and by the time I get seen it'll nearly be time to leave and there's just no point coming in for an hour..."

4. My phone ran out of battery 

Even we can't justify this excuse!

5. My dog is sick

"I just don't want him to be alone when he's feeling this way. What if I have to take him to the vets?"

6. I was robbed last night

"They stole my car keys, Oyster card and my bike. I'm sorry I have no means of getting in to work today."

7. I fainted on the the way to work

"My whole life flashed before my eyes. It was really boring."

8. I don't feel like going in 

Good one. Say it like it is. *Puts face in hands*

9. I've broken my leg

Because this was a really easy excuse to carry on. You're going to have to actually get you leg in a cast to pull this one off. Continuity people!

10. I'm locked out of my house

"Even though I don't need to get in to my house whilst I'm at work, I'll just be worrying about it all day. I think I saw the locksmith in the pub actually..."

Come on, we need to be coming up with some better excuses next time or our bosses will know...

Here's to an ahem day recovering in bed!  We hope...