Ultimate Car Games To Keep The Kids Entertained On A Road Trip

Little Miss Sunishine

If you're packing up the car for a few days away make sure you've memorised these road-worthy games. They may just stop the tears and tantrums and quell the motorway boredom!

We all know the classic 'I Spy', but if you're heading on a road adventure (also known as a long slog on the motorway) this half term you're going to need something else to keep the family in-check.

We've rounded-up our pick of the best car games below, which should stop the kids from saying the four most annoying words of all time...

Are. We. There. Yet?

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Fortunately - Unfortunately

This easy game is guaranteed to result in a few laughs...but only if your little ones are old enough to understand the difference between 'fortunately' and 'unfortunately'! Someone kick starts a story like 'There was once a little bear', and the next person has to continue the story with 'Fortunately the little bear...'. The next person has to start their sentence with 'unfortunately' and on it goes, alternating between good and bad, weird and wonderful. Give it a go and see where it takes you!


Although Del Boy loved his yellow Robin Reliant, yellow cars are actually some of the rarest vehicles on the road. Make it your mission to spot as many yellow cars as possible and ask the kids to keep score. By the end of the journey the winner can get a handful of chocolate, or perhaps be the first in the loo when you get to your destination!

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20 Questions

Everyone in the car has to think of a famous person, object or location and you have 20 questions to discover what they're thinking. Remember, you can only give Yes and No answers, so your interviewers will have to think before wasting their guesses. This is a great way of getting everyone's minds off the journey, but don't be too tough...pick someone like Spiderman over your second cousin three-times removed!


Counting to 100 sounds easy right? What about counting to 100 and changing every number with a five in it to the word 'buzz'. The aim of Buzz is to start simple and make things trickier as each round goes on. We recommend adding in the words 'buzz buzz' when a number with a zero comes up in the second round.

1 - 2 -3 -4 - BUZZ - 6 -7 - 8 - 9 - BUZZ BUZZ.... it's much harder than it seems!

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The Car Boot Game

Put your memory to the test with the Car Boot game, which for anyone over the age of about 27 is similar to the 'Generation Game' conveyor belt! Start a story with 'In the car boot I have...' and add something. The next person has to repeat your item and add another and so on. Eventually there will be so many items that you're guaranteed to forget one and the whole thing starts again. Great fun!

Would You Rather?

Nope, not the flirty version before you get any ideas! This mild-mannered version is all about silly suggestions, like 'Would you rather have a pet shark or a pet crocodile?' Anyone under the age of 10 will be laughing hysterically and you'll be wondering whether you can possibly choose between coffee and tea...

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Will this make your half term journey easier? Let us know below...