WATCH: Naughty Wedding Guest Has Moment of Page Boy Madness!

This suited and booted child decided it was a good idea to dive into a bride's wedding dress! See the cringe-worthy results here…

It's the biggest day of your life…and then a naughty boy dive bombs onto your wedding dress!

Simply titled 'Mark and Tanya's Wedding' this video posted to YouTube shows exactly what happens when you don't impress upon kids the formality of a wedding day. Whoops!

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Bless him, he just saw the big poofy white dress and presumed it was a cushion waiting to be dived into. We wonder whether he hurt himself on the landing?!

Sadly, we can't see how bride Tanya reacted to the unwelcome visitor as she walked down the aisle, but we hope she took it in good spirits. 

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We bet his mum wasn't best pleased! What would you have done in this scenario?