These Moving 3D Gifs Will Leap Right Through Your Computer Screen!

3D seal gif

We thought we'd seen it all! Well after you've laid eyes on these mind-blowing 3D mini-videos... you just may have!

There are some seriously skilful people out there, but the creators of these amazing moving clips are really taking things to another level.

So how exactly does it work? 

Well, you see those two white lines that run right through the image? They create an illusion by tricking your eyes into thinking they they're closer to you than the picture behind them is. When the object in image moves across the screen therefore, your brain thinks that it is actually coming towards you. 

Clever huh? Check these out...

Firstly, there's this terrifying out for splashes! 

Via Giphy and Reddit/DrRhymes

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Then there's HUGELY energetic Fenchie:

via Giphy and Reddit/whatshisuserface

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Anyone for a game of baseball? Go long!

via Giphy and Reddit/bitcoin_creator

Oh hello there cute Mr Seal...

via Giphy and Reddit/L77

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And the best bit...not geeky glasses required!