What Are Silica Bags For? You Definitely SHOULDN'T Have Thrown These Away...

Silica gel

Ever wondered what these little bags of beaded balls are for? Well, you're going to regret throwing them away because they have more uses than you think!

How many times have you opened a box of shoes, found a silica bag and thrown it out with the rubbish?

Perhaps the large DO NOT EAT warning written across the packet scared you off? Or maybe you're one of the many people who haven't even realised it's in your package all together!

The chances are, you've never really given them much thought.

What use does a little bag of beads have to my life? You ask. 

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While it's still important to keep these away from babies and animals (mainly because they are a choking hazard) did you know that the contents of these bags aren't actually toxic?

The silica gel bags are filled with a substance called silicon dioxide, a non-toxic substance that has the power to dry out moisture.

So we really should be keeping these around the house because they can solve ALOT of everyday problems.


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Here are the best ways you can use silica bags around the house:

1. You can save your drenched phone!

Next time you drop your phone in a pint, or worse yet, down the loo! Putting your phone in a bowl of silica gel is apparently 10 times more effective than rice!

2. Your makeup will last longer! 

Putting a bag or two in your makeup bag will stop your powder-based makeup from getting clogged together. 

3. Put them in your gym bag to eliminate odour 

That's right! Never worry about leaving smelly gym socks in your bag again! The silica will absorb the excess moisture in your gym shoes after a workout, to help keep your kit bacteria and stink free! 

4. Keep your bath towels from smelling 

While we're on the topic of odour...try popping a few of these bags in between your bath towels to prevent horrible smells and dampness. 

5. Keep your car windscreen clear 

If you didn't have a reason to keep them before then this is DEFINITELY it! Pop a few on the dashboard to prevent moisture build-up that causes condensation on the inside of the windscreen. In winter, it will also help prevent freezing on the inside. 

6. Keep your jewellery looking brand new! 

If you didn't already know - moisture leads to tarnishing and discolouration of silver jewellery. So a couple of bags in your jewellery box will slow down the process. 

We know! It's a lot of mind-blowing information to take in... BUT THERE'S MORE!

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If your silica gel no longer seems to be doing the trick, you can pop them in the oven at 100F to draw out all the moisture so you can use them all over again. They're basically RECHARGEABLE. (You may also wanna keep them in an air tight container when you're not using them to keep them fresh.)

We are gobsmacked! Well, they do say the best things come in tiny little packages!